Our product guarantee?

Buy from us and be protected under Australian consumer law. Beware of buying from overseas as they may not be able to help you. We’ve had unhappy customers call us but regretfully we can’t help them. Also buy from us and you also get Local support and service = peace of mind.

Service & Support?

Buying from us you get Australian based support. It is an Australian call away so you don’t need to worry about time zones or expensive overseas phone calls. Our friendly staff can assist you with all your needs.

I purchased my Cobell from someone else and can’t get it to work? 

We are sorry we can’t help you. Please contact your retailer and they will be able to assist you with any installation or warrantee questions.


We supply comprehensive instructions. It is easy to connect to your home network?

How do I see who’s at my door?

Simply download the free app for your iphone or android device. You can set up multiple devices to use with your Cobell doorbell. Below are the links to take you to the app store.

Cobell Android App Cobell IOS App and iTunes

How long will it take to arrive after I order it?

Please allow 15 days for delivery

What if Im not home when its delivered?

We ship via Australia post. You will need to sign for receipt of the package. If you are not home they will leave a card advising they called and you can organize to delivery. We suggest if you don’t think you will be at home to have it delivered to someone who will or to your place of work. Alternatively you can leave special instructions when you place your order however we can’t be responsible if you choose not to sign for receipt.

Does it need to be plugged into a power supply?

We recommend that it is connected to a home power supply so you know it is always powered. That is why we include an Australian certified power supply with a 1.8 metre cable.

What are the hours of the support centre?

Our Australian based support centre works during normal business hours. If this is not convienient please email us via the contact us page.

Will my Cobell work with Power over Ethernet (POE)? 

No this devise is designed to operate with a mains power supply.

How secure is it? Can people hack it?

The device is connected to your home network. It is as safe and secure as your home network.

How do I open my door remotely?

You can buy a lock that can be electronically operated by the Cobell remotely.

Please click on this link to take you to our recommended lock. Click Here